Faculty of Business Economy and Entrepreneurship in Belgrade offers students the latest scientific and expert knowledge in all areas of business economy, entrepreneurship, logistics and logistic management, which are basic needs both of business people and all other users and providers of services in the unique chain of supply. This is the reason why, when structuring teaching contents, much attention was paid so that all basic quality standards were met and teaching contents harmonized with similar study programmes in the country and the EU. During the studies students acquire professional competence for the work of an economist.

The teaching staff and study programmes guarantee education for students who can hope to have a successful career. The school offers educational profiles that enable students to easily find jobs and enjoy high quality of life.

The study programme, consisting of obligatory and elective subjects, is comprehensive and complete. Special attention is given to students’ active participation in the teaching process, to cooperation and interaction between students and teachers, and to joint creation and implementation of the teaching process.
The teaching process, implemented in compliance with modern pedagogical and didactic methods, is characterized by:

  • work in small groups
  • tutorial and establishment of direct contact with teachers
  • correlating theoretical knowledge with practical examples through case study analysis
  • team work with development of interpersonal skills.